WARped minds


You asked for some ... here they are! Jim

Things are getting pretty bad in the Arabian Gulf area. In fact, they're going
from Iraq to ruin.

Sometimes Saddam Hussein finds himself caught between Iraq and a hard place.

Speaking of hard places ... Saddam stays in a different place every night,
just for self-preservation. All this moving around must be turning him into a
nervous Iraq.

Because of all this moving about, Saddam finds it particularly hard getting
his favorite meal every night -- Iraq of lamb.

Now I hear that Hollywood is planning on making a movie about Saddam
Hussein. I wonder if they'll call it "Iraqnophobia."

As far as I'm concerned, Saddam Hussein belongs in a Hussein asylum.

One solution to the Gulf problems is communication. Why don't they just
pick up the phone and make a Persian-to-Persian call?

I think that's enough on this subject, albeit I could probably
mention some more if Iraqed my brain.

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