Shirley you're polling my leg


And for those folks on college sculling teams who run into shallow waters:

Row vs Wade

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<<If you feel compelled to respond to these burning questions, please do so by
adding a few more of your own>>

Baskin Robbins or Carvel?
M&M Plain or Peanuts?
CDs or tapes?
TV news or daily paper?
"Big 3" Network news or CNN?
Brownies or "Blondies"?
Deep-sea fishing or freshwater?
Spectator sports or participant?
"Lark" (morning person) or "Night owl"?
Coffee or tea?
Coke or Pepsi?
Chinese or pizza?
Christmas or Chanukah?
Candy or flowers?
Half-full or half-empty?
(for kinky survey-respondents only) S or M?
Lubed or unlubed?
Bath or shower?
Hairbrush or comb?
Dog or cat?
Ed Koch or Judge Judy?
Gene Autry or Roy Rogers?
Snoopy or Garfield or Marmaduke?
Walt Kelly or Al Capp?
I really care about PUNY this much or I'm avoiding working on the book

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The Hallock Entity <c.hallock@...>

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999 17:57:35 EST, you wrote:

are we definitely on egroups then?
Well, this message is. <g> Patience, patience. I'll make the official
announcement tomorrow.

BTW, has anyone received the poll message yet?

So long as we're polling out all the stops, let's all confess everything.
Both of these lists offer an optional member profile but it's not nearly
complete enough. Let's try a few more questions.

Here's the the "Onelist" that I'm most interested in.

* Egroups or Onelist?
* Mac or pc?
* To be or not to be?
* Paper or plastic?
* Kirk or Picard?
* Gore or _________?
* Bush or Dole?
* Ford or Chevy?
* Roll the toilet paper from the front or back?
* Superman or Mighty Mouse?
* Boxers or briefs?
* Smooth or crunchy?
* Zeppo or Gummo?
* Straight or Gay?
* Antz or A bug's life?
* Certs is a breath mint or candy mint?
* GI Joe or Ken?
* Rugrats or Muppet Babies?
* Potatoes or stuffing?
* Ginger or Maryann?
* VHS or Beta?
* Jesus or Buddah?
* On top or underneath?
* Larry, _______ & Moe?
* Pants on one leg at a time or both at once?
* Darren #1 or Darren #2
* Tax cuts or corporate incentives?
* Barbie or Midge?
* Great taste or less filling?
* Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken?
* Mary Richards or Laura Petrie?
* Oswald or __________?
* Dr. Laura or Dr. Ruth?
* Barney or Teletubbies?
* Sean Connery or _________?
* Iraq or a hard place?
* Six of one or a half dozen of the other?

Any information gathered from this survey can and will be used against you!
If you feel compelled to respond to these burning questions, please do so
by adding a few more of your own because I really don't care what your
answers are. It's your own business what stupid computer you're using to
screw up your e-mail. In cyberspace, no one can hear you crash.

GARY (MAC is my middle name) HALLOCK

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