RR 1095 took Byte off the Apple - reveal


Thanks for asking, I was going to peel this apple one slice at a time - unless someone apeals.

#1. Something crashed the string of weekly rogues, but the cause has been identified. ( I did not just Cook this up ) It's one of my Jobs to let you know it was not the host that choked, but rather his computer. Yes it was BLANK.


And a hint of the every guess gets a clue  --- that was the core of the crash. I am sure that the right answer would stick in your throat. Just remember that soon we will be bobbing for these.


What I wanted and got was ADAM'S APPLE.




Reveal 2 will be soon and may be too revealing.



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What? No reveal?


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There was a clear leader in this weeks riddle - five of the six- and he was fearless ( but lost his bubble gum which might make him the Fleerless Leader ).
Gary Hallock has aGReed to host again so look toward a good RR1096.
BTW - The theme for 1095 was the first name of the winner of Lars's RR1093. 
The name I gave the riddle " Up N At 'em) was the first clue. There were references to Apple and Mac's and Computers .

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder