Moderated RogueRiddle #1120 (Bingo & Reveal)

gary hallock

After two weeks on offer I am declaring this riddle to be officially “play doubt.” Some Near Mrs. came in early from Bill Crider, Gary Reeves and Adam Engel but nobody followed through with an actual kill.

As “front punner” in this game, Bill has accepted the honor of hosting RR 1121 this weekend, so nobody will be forced to endure another offering from me for at least a week.

As usual, I have inserted the expected answers into the original text below.

Thank you for playing,

Gary Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #1120 - Launched May 1, 2022 @10:15pm central


Below you will find three incomplete limericks. Each contains a BLANK in the final line. The words required to fill each BLANK will be puns based on the name of a single famous Hollywood film director. Each one makes a different phonetic twist, but the target name is the same in all verses.

Because this is quite a different twist on my usual limerick-based riddles, I’m going to more-or-less spoon feed you the name of that celebrated director. What you’re looking for is the full name of an old school B&W director complete with his middle initial. If you’re sharp, you’ll also note that his last name will want to rhyme with the final syllable of lines 1 and 2 of each verse.

If you understand what my command meant, your job is to discover the director’s name and properly twist it into a semi-logical phrase that logically completes each 5th line. Of course I don’t expect anyone to actually claim the game, but I would certainly appreciate some feedback on the viability of this as a riddle format.

Gary Hallock


Grain grinders will be standing still
Since outsourcing’s filling the bill
Wheat and corn is in motion
Across the wide ocean
Soon over BLANK
#### Soon overSEAS’LL BE D’MILL

Tiny batteries all seem too small
Yet a D is too big, fat and tall
There is one perfect size
So let’s try to get wise
Admit that BLANK
#### Admit that C’s’LL BEAT ‘EM ALL
#### Admit that C CELL BEAT ‘EM ALL

Of borscht, I’ve about had my fill
And of course it gives me zero thrill
Get rid of it quickly
It makes me feel sickly
Wish you’d just BLANK
#### Wish you’d just CEASE ALL BEET MEAL

Gary Hallock

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder