#RogueRiddle 1108 (Clues in verse) #RogueRiddle

gary hallock

There are some on this list, I am certain
Who, for better writ lim’ricks are hurtin’
Four better or verses
Send guesses or curses
I am, with insanity, flirtin’

I need some more people to play
The answer’s a film of Miss Day
With just six words in it
Needn’t claim if you win it
As I’m always careful to say

It can’t be you haven’t a clue
But here are a few more for you
Like this here nifty one
‘Twas the year ‘fifty one
I suppose you could google that too

And in case you’re still making excuse
Here’s another big hint you can use
This can’t be so hard
Danny Thomas co-starred
And also his Uncle Tonoose

On Jan 8, 2022, at 10:26 PM, gary hallock <gary@...> wrote:

Oh, this is so embarrassing. I’ve been waiting all day for guesses to come and it appears this riddle never even got delivered to PUNY. Seems the problem is that when I type “PUNY” my computer reverts back to the old Yahoo address. Thus those messages will always bounce. For whatever reason the key word for posting to the newer version of PUNY is to type “MAIN.” This, however bit of jargon is not yet in my vocabulary. 

No matter, the game is still afoot! 


From: Gary <gary@...>
Date: January 8, 2022 at 10:34:49 AM CST
To: Gary Mac Hallock <Gary@...>
Subject: RogueRiddle #1108

ROGUE RIDDLE #1108 - (White & Day, You Are The Pun)
Launched Saturday, Jan 8 @10am central

Send all guesses, gasps, grasps, gripes & groans direct to <gary@...>

Below you will find a series of 7 limerick verses each containing at least one BLANK word for you to fill in. Collect a single BLANK from each of the first 6 verses to assemble a 6 word sentence that will phonetically simulate another sentence that spells out yet another obscure film title from 1951.

**** TWIST ALERT **** Verse #1 contains four (count ‘em, 4) BLANK spaces for you to fill. Each of these will be the same word sound, albeit a homonym. Take your choice but the proper answer to the the “REAL riddle question” will require only one variant of this word. **** TWIST ALERT ****

To claim the game, you must provide me with all 6 properly filled BLANKS and also the properly translated 6 word film title of the Day. If my hints have not been BROAD enough, I’ve attempted to add a bonus video link at the bottom which could help guide you along.

First player to kill this enigmatic puzzle may claim the right/honor/privilege/burden of hosting ROGUE 1109 next weekend. If, however, you are disinclined to host, please don’t let this keep you from sending me some sort of response so that I might collect the validation that I so desperately seek in keeping this game afloat for LO these 20+ years.

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock

Send all guesses, gasps, grasps, gripes & groans direct to <gary@...>

Wear a wrist watch BLANK racing and then
You will always know BLANK you begin
Once you hear starting gun
Watch the watch. Start to run
If you lose, you’ll know BLANK you don’t BLANK

Each verse that I write fairly teems
With dry wit. I have printed out BLANK
Title: “Dry river bottom”
“Dry creeks?” Also got ‘em
I’ve taken my art to ex-streams

There’s a left turning lane at this light
Don’t use blinker if you only BLANK
Your mixed signals confuse
And may, others, abuse
And besides, that just wouldn’t be right

Terminator, not known for quick wit
Didn’t mind reputation one bit
As a part-time store greeter
Was asked, “Got bird feeder?”
“BLANK-B, back,” he said, and then split

Sibling twin sheep born to fam
Each was an identical lamb
“We can’t tell them apart
So their names should both start
With double BLANK,” said papa ram

Musician submariner, he
On the keyboard, went searching for key
Tapped out correct tune
He discovered real soon
All songs begin in middle BLANK

**************** The REAL riddle question  ********************

Now I’m thinking of dear Betty White
Just like Day, she’s gone quiet to-night
Both at rest now, it seems
Day & night, Black & White, sleeping tight


Send all guesses, gasps, grasps, gripes & groans direct to <gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder