#RogueRiddle 1103- Be like Gary #RogueRiddle


This time I am trying an imitation of Gary's Rogue Limerick rogues.
There are only five limericks. The first four contain BLANKS. Each BLANK represents a punned word to be inserted in the Limerick.
The fifth limerick must be completed with the BLANKS from the first four. Please present both the assembled pun from the BLANKS and the straight version.
Game ends if someone gets them all or who has the most by midnight east coast standard time Wednesday.
 I think I did the hashtagRogueRiddle thing right, but to be safe send guesses to 
gypsywagon@mindspring.com (mailto:gypsywagon@mindspring.com)
RR 1103
( one BLANK)
We watched games being played- of all sorts,
And saw Cosell and Fleming reports.
     Now all I will say
     Is thanks Jim McKay.
And you know its BLANK world of sports.
(three BLANKS)
I just got a deal in a sale,
But I'm a bit short on the bill.
     I'd really be nervous,
     If not for Post Service.
I just say BLANK BLANK BLANK the mail.
(one BLANK)
A Christmas of white I would take,
As musical movies he'd make.
     We all watched Bob and Bing
     Do their road movie thing.
And at the BLANK pro-am clambake.
(one BLANK)
My first time I was caught in the middle,
And messed up my chance just a little.
     With embarrassment huge.
     I misspelled it "rouge"
When I hosted my first BLANK riddle.
(  Put them all together now)
With all these clues I have showed
Combine in one question retold.
     Don't take sides or be crossed.
     Without it you've lost.