#RogueRiddle 1100 Game Shows Again, But Easier #RogueRiddle

bill crider

Sorry for no warning. My schedule today requires me to work outdoors, so only limited time on the computer. 
This Rogue is about game shows, but not the names of the game shows. You'll need to know a little bit of common knowledge about a few popular game shows, but you can probably get the riddles just by reading the limericks. 
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Alec, the late game show scion
Gave the hint "it lacks an electron"
  The game player lost
  At considerable cost
Didn't answer in the form of blank blank

Monty was no matador
Host of game show we all adore
  He shot lots of bull
  But when time slot was full
He urged players to just blank

Pat and Vanna were not to blame
Contestant lost all the same
  She spun the big wheel
  Her answer was real
But not blank with rules of the game

Steve Harvey was not in the mood
to settle his own family's feud
  This Thanksgiving riot
  He can never quiet
Over what is the best holiday blank

When Regis' game show did end
Kathy Lee a condolence did send
  But he never called back
  Compassion did lack
'Cause he's just a blank blank