#RogueRiddle 1095 status #RogueRiddle

Gary Reeves


No one has quite completed a sweep by getting all the answers, but I can tell you that::

 We do have a leader.

All but one of the riddles has been solved

Only one player has picked up the theme I am picking on, so before I pack up lets get familiar with the name of this rogue:

"Up N At 'Em" is the first clue.   Break it into two parts of only two words. Now think of street talk or what the Urban dictionary would define as-  a very sexual term, usually inappropriate for the first word. Then say the whole thing over and over until it hits you. Then you might be the first person to solve them all.

The author Gary
The rules remain the same. First guesser with all the correct answers or first with the most before the end of time ( Wednesday at 9::00 EDT) has the win and becomes the host of the next weeks rogue. Please let me know on your first guess if you are willing to host.

The Blank may represent as many words as necessary to produce the pu.

The rules have changed. You have only to produce the punny answer for a bingo. 

Every guess gets a hint, and the first hint is in the name of this rogue. There is a theme.

Please send your guesses to gypsywagon@...

RR 1095

1. Something crashed the string of weekly rogues, but the cause has been identified. ( I did not just Cook this up ) It's one of my Jobs to let you know it was not the host that choked, but rather his computer. Yes it was BLANK.

2. The punster involved in the computer crash is going nuts trying to fix the problem and has asked his teaching community to help crack the case. He is calling them the BLANK.

3. The issue was with an old operating system ( version ten actually). When contacted the company denied any knowledge of BLANK.

4. You could say the computer just blew up but frankly it turned out to be an BLANK.

5. "Stand and Deliver" . I'm not going to change my mind said BLANK.

6.The Tennesee Valley Association had a mission to BLANK.

The Otter Gary