#ROGUERIDDLE 1091 #RogueRiddle

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1091 - Launched Sunday, September 5, 2021 @9am central

Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & gasps directly to <gary@...>

Below you will find a series of 6 punny limericks. Each of the first 5 verses contains a single BLANK for you to fill with a single word. (Some are puns and some are not) Collect the proper 5 words from these verses and rearrange to turn them into a 6 word phrase that phonetically approximates a line that will logically complete the 6 missing words in verse 6, the “REAL” riddle. (In this case, it’s a film title.) 

First player to submit the correctly completed verses wins the honor of hosting next week’s game. No deadline, but this sort of riddle generally falls pretty fast, so if you have any delusions about grabbing this brass ring, you should respond soon.
Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & gasps directly to <gary@...>

Mick Dundee, who hailed from down under
Was famed as a crocodile hunter
“Not a knife” he would say
And quite often, “B’LANK”
Though he truly was a “one hit wonder.” 

The jealous gay preacher suspects
His life-partner, often rejects
The ways of his church
Leaving him in the lurch
Cavorting with opposite BLANK

If I utter a pun you don’t get
I shan’t make a big deal of it
My strange sense of hume 
Allows me to presume
You probably don’t care a BLANK

I love to drive fast, it’s a thrill
But it bugs me how bugs always will
Get plastered there later
On my radiator
They always get up in my BLANK

The author of Les Misérables  
Was never a miserable slob
He gained wealth from his toils
Yes, to BLANK-go the spoils
This Victor enjoyed his day job


A dame known as Doris would play
In a lighthearted comedic way
Her last role, you knew it
I think I will view it

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder