RogueRiddle #1076 (Bingo & Reveal!)

gary hallock

Only 3 players were brave enough to enter the risk winning this week. Jim E. and Doug S. both chimed in early with 5 kills each but were not heard from again. Next one up was was Gregg S. who not only came on strong but refined his guesses until he had racked up a near clean sweep.

A big “thank you” goes out to everyone who even read through these riddles and perhaps thought about playing. Gregg will be hosting #1077 this weekend. Hopefully he’ll stir up a little more excitement than did I.

Riddle answers have been “incorporated” into the listing below.

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock


ROGUE RIDDLE #1076 - Launched May 23, 2021 @ 12:30pm central


Below you will find a series of 10 short sentences, each containing one or more BLANK spaces. Into each BLANK you should be able to insert the name of a flower (or flowers) which will more-or-less satisfy the punned implication of the set-up. (Yes, some answers will be plural, bouquet?)

Because it was a bit of a stretch anyhow, I have sacrificed one riddle as a Sample Question for inspirational purposes. Be the first to send me a private reply with all (or most) of the required floral names, and win yourself the honor of hosting Rogue Riddle #1077 next weekend.

When responding, please do so (privately) in the form of a full worksheet, as I have not bothered to memorize all these names and numbers myself. Collecting and recording your progress in a single email will make it much easier for me to keep and report your score.

0. (Sample Question)
In France a BLANK be a good way to flirt with a woman, but in some other cities that’ll get you a fat BLANK. #### PERIWINKLE / TULIPS

The field behind the milking barn is filled with manure. On a rainy day it sometimes makes the BLANK. #### COWSLIP

In the springtime my shrink says I’m always a real mess. Probably this is because every time I visit, I bring her new-BLANK. #### ROSES

I build and sell greenhouses. I guess you might say I BLANK-state developer. #### AMARYLLIS

My gardener is very moody. Some BLANK has a good attitude and others he’s prone to BLANK. #### DAISY / VIOLETS

When/if Prince Charles ever becomes king of England, I would like to attend the BLANK. #### CARNATION

When an old gardener becomes incontinent, he sometimes will BLANK BLANK. #### PEONIES/ PANSIES

Once you allow the large zoo cat to hunt their own prey, BLANK has been crossed. #### DANDELION

In the middle of April, most Americans are expected to send something to the BLANK. #### IRIS

When I lived in Alaska, I knew how to make macrame basket hangers. But that was long ago and my memory is failing. Now I BLANK. #### FORGET-ME-NOTS

In the world of religious art, the term “pieta” refers to a specific type of painting or sculpture. Sometimes it depicts supporting players such as John the Apostle or Mary Magdaline but a true Pieta will always feature both BLANK. #### CHRYSANTHEMUM


Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder