#RogueRiddle 1057 #RogueRiddle


This weeks rogue is a bit roguish for me, since it is just a word game. Actually a word association game. There are 13 of them - for a reason. I found that you can "google" the context and come up with each word. There is an author, two titles, and a "quote". Put together the word associations and crossword type clues and provide me the author, the two names of the works, and the quote to win.

As usual, the first with all or the player with the most by Wednesday midnight EST gets the bingo.

Please respond to gypsywagon@...


RR 1057

1. Doubting BLANK

2. BLANK in the neck

3.Hit song by Johnny Ray BLANK ( actually this is more like a crossword)

4.What Patty and Maxine might call Shirley ( another crossword clue)

5.BLANK are a few of

6.BLANK Johnson ( very interesting clue)

7. New York BLANK.

8. BLANK Girl, ( Marlo or go back to #1)

9. Have you missed any? Take another BLANK

10. BLANK Room ( I think it is a sign  that these are getting harder to find.

11. BLANK foods, BLANK music, or BLANK survivor.

12. BLANK grounds, or denominator,

13.Dollars and Blank.

That's it start associating and for every guess there will be a clue.

the other Gary