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Frankly Folks Gregg Seigel made this one look comically easy as he bingoed both acts. There is another player who I am confident also knows the solution. So, I can offer you the fun of playing with no risk of having to host the first riddle of the new year.

So Gregg pinned this one down, but before I open the reveal tomorrow night, I'll give your more information (vegetable, animal and mineral). I think I used most of these clues on Gregg's guesses, but since he is the stated winner, I'll be happy to say that I once considered having the riddle about short people stealing baked goods from the window sill of the two sisters of the mother of the of the guy on the box of oats( can a can shaped box be a box ), but Gregg said the opinion of the locals is that the image does not fit the bill.

Then I thought about making it about the tirades of his cook when she discovered kitchen insects raiding the baking supplies.

Answers tomorrow night and thanks to Gregg for playing.


Please send guesses to

RR #1055

This "traditional" rogue riddle is divided in two parts. The player solving both first or the most by 6:00 PM EST on the 31st has the opportunity to host the first rogue of the new year. A "throw back" riddle is a contrived pun on a phrase, slogan, song, quote ----etc.

The theme of this rogue is broadly "entertainment".

First Act. ( Just put together the clues in the setup to create a punned solution including the puns and the straight line for the bingo)

The great plague of London has been blamed on fleas from rodents. Two Quaker sisters angered the authorities of the time by ignoring the severe quarantine and caring for the ill and starving. They even attempted to provide some dignity in death by providing for mass cremations in temporary wooden structures that were burned as part of the funerals.

The long tailed rodents tended to infest these wood piles and were also consumed in the fire along with their fleas. ( unfortunately so was much of London). Religious and political leaders of the time persecuted and procecuted the two sisters for these services eventually leading their nephew to petition the king for land in the woods of the new American colonies to allow the Quakers to flee and live in freedom.

So - that's the set up. I am looking for a descriptive name of the vermin. The straight line is three words. The contrived name is punned in five words. Every guess gets a clue.


Act 2. This is a work sheet construction of an associated riddle . This timeI provide my attempts to put together words that could be used to provide a pun. The sublject is still "entertainment'. My potential puns for the straight words are in (CAPS).


Normally I would take these words and try to buid a shaggy dog to present a set up for the riddle.

To solve the second part of this rogue please use my worksheet words to create a line associated with the first act. Hint, it is often used as a parody.


Once again, please provide the solution to both acts for the win.

Please send your answers to

The other Gary


Gary Reeves