#RogueRiddle 1051 #RogueRiddle

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1051 - Posted Sunday, November 29, 2020 @ 2pm central

Please submit all guesses, groans, gasps, & gripes directly to <gary@...

In the spirit of excessive giving, here you will find yet another baker's dozen riddles to tickle and torture you. These are all brief and succinct and all built on a common theme. Once you solve a few, I believe the theme will become glaringly obvious, thus I am not even going to hint at it here. I will only say this much. It is not at all seasonal, timely or political. It’s just based on something I learned long ago from my grammar. (Oops! Maybe that was a hint.) 

As usual, the player killing all (or most) will claim the right to host #1052 next week. You may still play without risk of claiming, so please don’t let that be a barrier to your enthusiastic participation. For most of us it’s all about the pun-fun. No deadline, no pressure, just pleasure. 

Please submit all guesses, groans, gasps, & gripes directly to <gary@...

0. - My favorite Shakespeare play? "BLANK Summer Night’s Dream.”     [#### AMID]

1. - My favorite grade school activity was always show BLANK.

2. - If Jesus was into gender bending, might he have been BLANK dresser?

3. - BLANK off vampires, some people keep a large supply of garlic nearby. 

4. - Q: Other than “moo,” what might you say is the sound a cow makes? A: That would BLANK.

5. - Two weeks after Thanksgiving there was still lots of food left in our fridge. We continued eating some it but BLANK the cold turkey. 

6. - Joseph and Mary failed to make reservations because they didn’t have access to the internet and could not access the BLANK information. 

7. - A paranomasiac chess player will never leave BLANK untended. 

8. - Those two boxing fans always seem to be arguing, but we can never tell what they are fighting, BLANK?

9. - At my age I have trouble keeping track of the past and easily get the years mixed up. So I BLANK 10 recall my dates wrong by a decade.

10. - We’re having tacos for dinner. Do you want fish, BLANK chicken?

11. - One of the most important roles a kid can play at a wedding is that of BLANK bearer.

12. - Some fat parasites get embarrassed about their body image and may choose not to hang out BLANK people.

13. - Don’t ever lie about the results of a coin flip. If you keep telling tales, you’ll never get BLANK.

Please submit all guesses, groans, gasps, & gripes directly to <gary@...

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder