Moderated ROGUE RIDDLE #1118 (No bingo & reveal)

gary hallock

Jim Ertner and Marilyn Van D. both submitted respectable worksheets this week. Because I inspired tepid participation and zero claimers on this holiday riddle, it appears I’ll be hosting again this week. Watch for that one to arrive in your mailbox this evening.

Answers have been “rolled in” to the text below. Thank you for playing.

ROGUE RIDDLE #1118- Launched on Monday April 11, 2022 @10am central.

Hot on the heels of Adam’s poorly attended holiday rogue, it seems Semite foolish to offer up another holiday themed riddle set, but since the subsequent Christian holiday is just around the corner, hopefully there are enough iconic and symbolic terms to justify another take.

Below are 10 short riddle set-ups, each containing at least one BLANK for you to fill. Be the first to provide me with all (or most) of the correct words/terms and you could become the lucky host of #1119 next weekend.


Faithful disciples of Jesus stood watch over his tomb, keeping one ear to the rock which covered the entrance. This is just in case BLANK earlier than expected on Sunday morning. #### ‘E STIRS / EASTERS (alternate offering “HEROES)

Jesus’ disciples were sure that if they BLANK earnestly enough, he could be resurrected. This is why they assembled and decorated their carts and wagons to demonstrate that hope floats. #### PARADE / PRAYED

It’s appropriate that we celebrate this holiday with colorfully decorated eggs because it reminds us that Jesus BLANK for our sins. #### DIED / DYED

The name of the best known brand of egg coloring kits is also quite appropriate, as the holiday comes right on the heels of BLANK BLANK. (Both words punned) #### PASSOVER / PAAS OVA

Inflated prices are making holidays more expensive. Whether you prefer peeps, jelly beans or cream filled chocolate eggs, you BLANK well be paying a lot more for brand name candy treats this year. #### COULD VERY / CADBURY

Jesus was worried about whether or not he would wake up in time to emerge from his cavernous tomb on the appropriate time and day. His father promised to give him a wake-up call. In memory of this divine promise, many churches today provide this convenience for their congregations by offering a BLANK BLANK BLANK. #### SUNRISE SERVICE / SON RISE SERVICE

I was expecting my pet hen to produce enough eggs for us to decorate for the holiday party, but it BLANK look like she’s going to fill up the entire carton in time. #### DOESN’T / DOZEN

As a young bunny, Beatrix Potter’s most famous character was plagued by a pronounced stammer. His playmates chided him and mockingly called him BLANK Rabbit. #### RE-PETER / REPEATER

Upon emerging from his tomb on that special morning, Jesus wanted to have some loud musical accompaniment to “play him on” as the rock rolled away from the entrance. He contracted with a classic rock band with a very appropriate name. The BLANK BLANK. #### ROLLING STONES (Acceptable alternate “GRATEFUL DEAD”)

At the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, a certain Texas senator annoyed everyone once again by reading passages from a novel. I thought we might have learned by now that you should not give BLANK a BLANK book. #### CRUCIFIXION / CRUZ A FICTION


Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder