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No other takers? Okay. Let my answers GO!

Hello Roguers!

As promised, this week's Rogue. As expected, it's late. Alas, I nearly decided to pass over this week's offer. Gary asked if I would and I said, "errr... okay". Now the Rogue's ready for you, maror less.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to accept this mission
Each limerick contains one or more blank to fill in. To get the point, you must give both versions of the homophone - the word and the play on words. 
If you're stumped, read closely. There IS a hint in the setup. 
Next week's Rogue (with consent) goes to the individual who completes the worksheet first or has the most correct by APRIL 10th AT 2PM PDT.

Ready? Let my people... GO!

A prostitute and I got hitched,

Now it’s easy to call her a witch,

I got a cool rash,

The first night we smashed,

Oh it burns, that WHORE'S BAD ITCH / HORSERADISH (but this isn't the only option for bitter herbs!)

Well, I do my chores now and then

I clean out the poop in the pen,

Though folks think I’m gone,

I’m EGG-ing them on,

The cock gives it hard to that hen. (collect em all!)

And now on to riddle part three,

Brought to you by Bruce and Geddy,

Cilantro’s an herb,

That isn’t this verb,

Don’t rush and you will soon PARSE LEE / PARSLEY (we dip in salt water)

I’m in the clink now, all alone,

Stargate drove me mad, now I atone,

Dr. Jackson’s no fun,

When he’s a skeleton,

I was caught stealing Michael SHANKS' BONES / SHANKBONE (here's a vegetarian alternative)

Jewish rituals are quite a pain,

Even worse, we commit them to brain,

On the plate I’ve got five,

But the green one’s not chive,

Let us think, what’s the ones that REMAIN / ROMAINE? (apparently the Greeks liked lettuce)

Oh hey, Rose, what’s that old baroque hit?

Better yet, where’s my old tarot set?

If you’re bored, let’s play tag,

I’m it first! With no lag…

I caught you, now I laugh, HA, ROSE IS IT / CHAROSET! (basic recipe here)

On Passover, there was a real gotcha

After dance where we practiced the cha-cha,

At the cafe, I think

I will order a drink,

What a tease! All they gave me was MATCHA / MATZAH (make your own!)

Rabbi Heschel said “I challenge yous”,

Women’s rights at the table hinge, toos,

On the ultimate fate,

Of the fruit on the plate,

In New Jersey, they’re all ORANGE / ORANGE Jews (More info here)

Adam Even Engel, M.A.T.
Lab2Class Fellow
Science Teacher
Evergreen High School, Seattle, WA

"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."
-Immanuel Kant