Rogue Riddle 1098 update

Gary Reeves

Gary Hallock is leading as he has bingos on 5 of the riddles and a good start ( actually a good ending ) on two more.

As usual Gary has the right stuff.

The bad rap Rogue Riddle wraps up tomorrow night

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Welcome to the game
Rules are still the same
and just to be real plain
I musta gone insane

First to fill the BLANKS
gets all my PUNY thanks
If none breaks the banks
then most moves up the ranks

Now, I 'm not really braggin'
just gettin' old and saggin'
But if you want to tag in
Please post to gypsywagon@...

Number one should preach
what we otta teach
But I won't make a BLANK
just say a prayer for each

I'll second the motion
that they had the notion
in our houses and our farms
we get to keep and BLANK BLANK

Number three, I'm informed
sez - no uniformed
gets free rent
without your BLANK

Don't be  lookin' BLANK
you knock on the door
or it's gonna get tense
if it just don't make sense

If you're in trouble
Jeopardy is just not double
If you got caught shoppin' by lift
and the blame you can't shift
go on and BLANK the BLANK

It should be done with BLANK
and be guilty or be freed
but the 6th is seldom used
and easily abused
against the  jailed accused

Jury finding is BLANK
so fact should be reserved

No cruel and unusual BLANKish meant
of any form or kind
nor any real big fine
in either eight or nine

Your home state rants
and takes a winners prance
that's called BLANK

Let's wrap this rap.
I'll take a nap
Please get it right
before 5 Wed Night

The scary Gary gypsywagon@...