Rogue Riddle 1094 -- Status - #RogueRiddle

Lars Hanson



    There has been a considerable amount of activity over the past twenty-four hours.   There are three players, and Doug G. and Gary R. have been the most active, leaving Jim E. in third place.


    All of the riddles have been solved by at least one person, so no clues are forthcoming with this update.


    The riddle statistics currently are as follows:


3 correct         1:   5

2 correct         6:   1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9

1 correct         3:   2, 4, 10

0 correct        None


    Any more players out there?






Rogue Riddle #1094

Instrumental in Recovery


    This week’s Rogue Riddle consists of ten riddles, each of which has two answers.  There is a particular theme this week, and twigging to it will help guide guesses.


    Sample riddle:


Q:  An involved punster?



    The riddle will run until 5:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday.  As usual, the first person to solve all the riddles will be declared the winner.  If no one has solved all the riddles by 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, the one with the most correct answers will be declared the winner and will host Rogue Riddle #1095 next week.


    As with previous riddle sets, the word BLANK can replace more than one word.  In other words, seeing the word BLANK does not indicate how many words should replace the word BLANK.  Further, the article preceding the word “blank” will always be “a,” never “an,” regardless of he punned word.

    Now, on to the riddles.



1.  The stream was a great place for fishing.  The man took his boat out, anchored in his favorite spot, and cast the lure into the water, hoping to catch a BLANK.


2.  He joined the string section, but did not mix as well with the ladies because of his indelicate language.  He quickly was thrown out because of his BLANK comments.


3.  What did Ms. Barton used to keep here hair up?  A BLANK, of course!


4.  The orchestra’s string section was quite crowded, yet they still managed to add one more instrument.  There’s always room for BLANK. 


5.  Another member of the orchestra was arrested to protect the public.  It turned out he had a long record of BLANK.


6.  They put the small piano on casters so that despite its size they could still BLANK.


7.  Several musicians argued over spaces for their bulky instruments, but eventually the matter was settled.  Of course, the settlement was known as the BLANK.


8.  This musician regularly called a well known department store on his BLANK.


9.  Some people playing the lottery will choose a high number, while others will BLANK one.


10.  It was  a rather unusual dance – the band played only large stringed instruments, and the affair became  known as the BLANK.




    These riddles are fairly easy and should fall rather quickly, so get in early!  


    And it would be great to see more new faces this week, whether or not you want to host next week’s Rogue Riddle!  Please remember to tell me on your first guesses whether or not you are willing to host.


    The purpose here is to have fun, so go ahead and play! 


    Please remember to ensure all guesses, surmises, suppositions, estimates, conjectures, SWAG’s, stabs, pokes, and other such are sent directly to me at:




    Have fun!