Rogue Riddle 1077 Going Through A Stage. And In Kind Of A Broad Way. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

So these are all Broadway-type plays, musicals and otherwise.



1. What you might say when you greet the painter of Persistence of Memory out walking his aardvark.


2. Ms. Burnett was reportedly quite a successful stock investor, and relied on a network of professionals. When some bad news came out on a large holding, her broker sent her an urgent two word telegram: BLANK!


3. Wound permanently.


4. The Kaitlin Olsen sitcom where she is a parental guardian has been cancelled. And so we bid BLANK.


5. Gloria Steinem’s magazine reportedly went through several debt-related issues. Supposedly, the creditor vultures started circling and forced changes in ownership. Yes, they really worked to  BLANK out to dry.


6. Corcyra and Sparta and Athens, oh my.


7. I like pizza so BLANK lot of it. And for the record I don’t hold it out flat and nibble little bites out of it like an animal. I fold it like a normal person and go to town.


8. It’s crazy but nobody beats it.


9. A baseballologist (yes that’s a thing) once did an analysis comparing the type of wood used in bats to their proclivity for singles vs. extra base hits. The conclusion: Cherry for singles, Pine for doubles, Maple for triples and BLANK.


10. There are some fancy, trendy items in the hold of that freighter. It is definitely hauling some BLANK.


11. I was a big fan of Dorothy the mid-seventies Olympic figure skating/hair style model champion. Do I like her a lot? Really, I like BLANKs.


12. Embodying the original madness of march, perhaps, at least according to Lewis Carroll.


13. What you might call Ms. Winslet assuming that she came from Osceola County.