ROGUE RIDDLE #1054 (bingo & reveal)

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1054 - Launched Sunday, December 20, 2020 @ 10am central

Well, it looks like I finally called one correctly. This Rogue Riddle fell fast and easy with most players submitting fairly clean kills within the first few hours. So, by design, it’s all over mid-week before the holiday distractions.

First out of the gate was our old pal, Gary Reeves, followed closely (and/or eventually) by Aaron Fasel, Doug Spector, Jim Ertner, Chris Gross, Adam Engel, Lars Hanson, Erika Ettin and Arun Debray.

With only a bit of encouragement and a small dose of guilt tripping, I have convinced Gary Reeves to claim this game. It’s been quite a while since we were graced by one of his Rogues, so #1055 next weekend is bound to be a real throwback.

As usual, I have included my reveal into the verses below.
Thank you everyone for playing,

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock


It’s been a while since I’ve offered one of my limerick-based games and we have collected a few new players recently, so listen closely. Below you will find a series of 4 limerick verses, each containing one or more BLANK spaces to be filled with an appropriate word. Once you’ve done this, you will have a string of 5 common words that, when properly reassembled, will phonetically simulate an easily recognized 4 word phrase. This target phrase will provide the answer to fill the 5 blanks at the end of the final (4th) verse.

First player to provide me with all 5 words as well as the final 4 word phrase will win the honor of claiming the kill and hosting the final Rogue of the year.


Imprisoned, a chess buff befriended
A fellow chess player, and then did
Carve chess men from SOAP
Thus fulfilling his hope
Yet both were washed up. (PAWN intended)

Saint George was not known much for braggin’
But the dude did subdue a large dragon
Though no one will say it
He never did SLAY it
‘Twas only hitched up to his wagon

That Mexican pen pal of Adam
Was the son of a most fickle madam
Though many men knew ‘er
She was JUAN of those WHO’RE
Quite fond of all men, ‘til she’s had ‘em

If you don’t live way down in Key Largo
But in climates as cold as...say...Fargo
When driving for Uber you
Won’t use a Subaru
Try this to haul cold weather cargo


Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder