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Howdy y'all,

Veeeery quiet week this week. Between the Pun-Off on Saturday and various personal emergencies, it seems like this week was not the most active week for PUNY. Props on the crossword project. I can't wait to see what comes of that.

Anywho, thanks to Marilyn and Jim for their attempts at Rogue Riddle 1049. Congratulations to JIM ERTNER for his victory this week. A new puzzle will be sent out soon...

When my Brussels wouldn’t sprout, botanists suggested I go to the BLANK to get help with BLANK. (German nation, germination).

What’s the difference between a Scandinavian stream and a Round Up-laced garden whacker? One is a BLANK, the other is a BLANK (Swede water, Weed Swatter)

When an African nation was accused of tampering with Florida’s election results, certain commentators called for the death of all its citizens. Death by BLANK (hanging Chad).

In the early days of the Third Reich, propagandists were still deciding on the ideals of the so-called master race. Hitler proposed male endowment as a criterion. Goebbels countered that the Germans would soon be outnumbered by BLANK (Hung Aryans).

Nick Europe adapted the pre-teen explorer show to focus more on her pet monkey. Setting the show south of France, they renamed it “Boots BLANK” (And Dora)

The bazaar in Kabul has a variety of wares for sale, but shawls and throws are its primary profit generators. Turns out there’s always money in the BLANK. (Afghan Stand)

The last time I rented a boat in Bucharest, I was thrown in jail for paddling my way across a pond… and a parking lot… and a mini-mall… The therapist diagnosed me with BLANK. (Row Mania)

Out of necessity, many island nations are taking the lead in opposition to climate change. One island even banned the ICE because they are BLANK. (Mad at Gas Car)

The Jamaican football team landed in Ulaanbaatar for a friendly match. At the stadium, one defender looks downfield and says to himself, “Look at that BLANK” (man goalie yeah)

My father loved his gefilte fish with Ram’s horseradish, but not me. I prefer mine with BLANK (ewe chrain).

Do you know how dangerous shopping centers can be?! Last time I went shopping in eastern Africa, I tripped over myself in a Sears and got a BLANK! (mall owie)

The traffic can be brutal, too. That’s why I avoid the direct route through the mall and take BLANK whenever I can. (Lilongwe)

Tasked with making a short film for her class, Sasha dramatized the story of a pirate ship takeover in east Africa. Her father’s initial response was puzzling. “This is your sister’s work, isn’t it? That’s BLANK” (so Malia)

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"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."
-Immanuel Kant