Rogue Riddle 1047 GOING ROUGE. CHARACTER COUNTS. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

1. How you might answer the phone. 6

2. To tattle, especially if doing so using one of those gorgeous Southern accents. 4

3. Another name for Israel, or Africa, perhaps. 4

4. To leave someone stranded. 6

5. OK, so the Tall Man in Phantasm is after you, and your male child asks you what this extraterrestrial villain’s last name is. This is what you might answer just as that spiked ball thingy comes around the corridor. (Have to get in one scary movie reference in for Halloween. And one that’s not Halloween.) 7

6. Something mortal you might commit, combined with the place you might do it in. 8

7. A man and a woman, Levi and Jean, going through a door. First her, BLANK. 5

8. This is #1047 in a long, long this. Don’t dodge your responsibilities, tell it to the world. 6

9. Great basketball player Alcindor, later. 5

10. The thing you might start your car with, old school. 5

11. Accumulating money, or prestige, or anything. 4

12. Some people found the choice of the alias Joseph Anton kind of fishy, but not as fishy, perhaps, as what it replaced.

13. Something you would do to bring water to a residence.

14. If someone were to ask you if you are a-certain, if you are a-positive, if you are a-100% confident in your answer? You might say, yes, I am BLANK.

15. Something that you might get trapped in. Especially this time of year.

16. Can Tom? Can Dick? And Then?

17. If someone for some reason zinged Jude Law’s ex Ms. Miller with a well-timed quip, she’d be one this.

18. If someone say, had a diagram and placed false information on it, with a pen, a marker or even a sharpie, they might be engaged in a this.

19. If the genius host of the original Twilight Zone ate a bunch of Krugerrands, he might be this.

20. I’m a real serious dude. I don’t joke. Or jest. BLANK. Or quip. Ever.

21. Our planet is good. Pass the Buck though. But only here.