Rogue Riddle 1047 GOING ROUGE. IMMINENTLY. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel


I was trying to explain to someone what Rogue Riddle is. At its best, it’s really crossword puzzle type clues leading to punny answers, except you don’t have to worry about which specific boxes to fill in or erasing stuff. Or, for those of us who insist that they only do crossword puzzles in pen, you don’t have to worry about crossing out the letters and trying to imagine they are not there as you angrily scratch in other letters darkly over the original letters. In Rogue Riddle, you don’t need to do any of that. To strengthen the analogy, you even get character/letter/box counts. (Eventually.)


So Punny Crossword Thingy #1047 is COMING SOON. Maybe even tonight. It will be on colors. Pretty, pretty colors. What would life be without colors? Well, colorless I guess. And no one wants that.