Rogue Riddle 1045 Yeah, I'm Game. LETTER COUNTS FOR ALL AND FOR ALL A GOOD NIGHT #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

The criminal stole slightly more than 3 of them. 7,1 /3,6,1

2. What you do if you support a stoolie 8/ 4,1,3

3. So if someone takes target practice right before creating a sensible staggered dividend-based stock portfolio, their activities, in the present tense, can be described as this. 6,3,7/6,3,7


4. Order the Bacardi mascot to impart information to a former senior FOX journalist who left in late 2019. 10/3,4,4


5. The Three Tenors abhor the sun’s uv light, so it’s this. 9 / 5,3,4


6. You Dog! You Mongrel! And Then? 6/3,3

7. NAZARENVS, for one   9 / 5,4

8. It’s Gumby’s horse pal, dude! 7/5,3

9. If for some reason Earvin Johnson consumed the pill, you might exclaim this, especially if you left an article out in a poorly grammatical way.   5,1,4 / 5,3,4


10. You shouldn’t reuse a baby’s sleeping apparataus years later, due to this 8/4,3

11. A citadel named for the horsey in chess 8/4,6

12. You better put your clothes and other needed items in that suitcase, dude! 3-3/4,3!

13. You confront John Wayne, call him by his nickname, and casually inquire as to the correct party.  6 / 2,4,3?


14. If you wanted to offer your co-resident a clear liquor, you’d ask this, perhaps. 3,5/3,6?

15. A tiny glass container that is experiencing ennui. Got it? Yes? Yes!   5,5 / 3,3,5