Rogue Riddle 1045 Yeah, I'm Game. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

Going into the homely stretch, Lars and Gary H. are neck(ish) and neck(ish) with 12 and 10 respectively.


On this side of the puzzle, I note that my answer matrix column between them has been almost a mirror image—that is, each one of these clearly clever dudes has solved several that the other one has not been able to. Their minds focus very differently.


I find this fascinating.


As the puzzle writer, I note that at least one person has solved every clue, which tells me that each one is arms-length doable so they all track and there are no excuses. So, with 24+ hours to go, I expect that someone will get all 15 between now and then.


Will it be Lars, Gary…or someone else? 24 hours seems like PLENTY of time to knock these all out. Or, knock the the rest of them out as the case may be.


How about a little incentive—$10,000 to the winner.


$10,000. Payable upon request in the form of emailed photos of, if my math is right, 20 Monopoly $500 bills.


I promised I would get Monopoly into this game-themed RR somehow.