Rogue Riddle 1045 Yeah, I'm Game. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

OK, let’s see. Leading the pack is a man well known for his gaminess, Lars with 10. Place and Show thus far: Gary H. follows with 7 and Adam with 5.


Few things.


One. All of these games are pretty well known, mostly old board or card games or newspaper level, one current trendy video game I believe and it is the most popular one. There should be nothing here you never heard of or played at one time.


Two. Wordplay-wise, nothing complicated or intricate here either. These are all punny puns, all I have—or would or will—use at Pun Slingers type deals. You, perhaps, will too.


Three. I am extending the deadline to Wednesday at Midnight ET. 11 CT. I have no idea if that’s Standard or Daylight. Whatever it is or will be on Wednesday.


Four. Here are a few word counts for some of the harder nuts to crack, evidently:


5. 9 / 5,3,4


7. 9 / 5,4


9. 5,1,4 / 5,3,4


13. 6 / 2,4,3?


15. 5,5 / 3,3,5