Rogue Riddle 1045 Yeah, I'm Game. #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel


Feeling like a Pyrrhic leader here, with the prize for winning RR 1044 getting to do more work. Yay!


OK I’m still the new guy—wide-tailed, bushy-eyed and still maybe two RRs away from jaded.


But let me just say, I really appreciate Gary H. going easy on me as a competitor and letting the new guy win. And by such a big margin. Really big, BIG margin. Huge really. Hey you math guys—would a winning margin of this incomprehensibly ginormous size constitute an “order of magnitude?” A myriad perhaps? A plethora? In any case, way to make it look legit!


Re: RR 1044, with his brain-teasing, spooneristic ways, author Hans Larsen may have exhausted my enfeebled brain, but he certainly hasn’t exhausted the universe of punnable games. Herewith in RR 1045 are 13 more—so why don't you play the dozens. With a Plus 1.


Here there be board games, video games, card games, puzzley games, online games.


Are you game?


Take your shot, Hamilton.


P.S. If you want to see the single best 2 minute pun soliloquy ever performed, go check out the on-line O. Henry at And while you’re there, you can view mine also.


P.P.S. Anyone else keep thinking that it’s “O’Henry?” Irish I could stop doing that.


P.P.P.S. I’m told I need to pronounce a deadline. So, let’s say, what, end of day Tuesday, whatever that means to you.



1. The criminal stole slightly more than 3 of them.

2. What you do if you support a stoolie

3. So if someone takes target practice right before creating a sensible staggered dividend-based stock portfolio, their activities, in the present tense, can be described as this.


4. Order the Bacardi mascot to impart information to a former senior FOX journalist who left in late 2019.


5. The Three Tenors abhor the sun’s uv light, so it’s this.

6. You Dog! You Mongrel! And Then?

7. NAZARENVS, for one

8. It’s Gumby’s horse pal, dude!

9. If for some reason Earvin Johnson consumed the pill, you might exclaim this, especially if you left an article out in a poorly grammatical way.


10. You shouldn’t reuse a baby’s sleeping apparataus years later, due to this

11. A citadel named for the horsey in chess

12. You better put your clothes and other needed items in that suitcase, dude!

13. You confront John Wayne, call him by his nickname, and casually inquire as to the correct party.


14. If you wanted to offer your co-resident a clear liquor, you’d ask this, perhaps.

15. A tiny glass container that is experiencing ennui. Got it? Yes? Yes!


Um, did I mention that I am not good at math? Evidently, that includes counting things.