Rogue Riddle 1042: Checkin’ Satays Explain Your Continental Self #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

So nothing substantive has changed standings wise and Gary H. is the winner of Rogue Riddle 1042. I’m not sure what his experience and skill level might be with pun related activities but, regardless, my understanding is that he will get the honor of crafting the next Riddle.

Here are the answers to my thing:

1. More than 100 degrees.
BERLIN. Since it is European, I thought it was just good manners to use the centrigrade system. It’s wall good, man.

2. Scooby Do is my favorite. Flintstones is a good one too.
KHARTOUM. Just about everybody got this one right off. Sudanly I felt like a cel out.

3. Step one, perhaps, if you want to make a sex tape.
MONTEVIDEO. Many people said BANGKOK, which according to the STMTA (Sex Tape Makers Trade Association) is, offically, step five. (And, depending on the type of tape you’re making, only presented as optional.) And to the dude who said BAGDAD, well, 1. Ew. 2. That’s not what people usually mean when they think of DILFs. 3. Perhaps Bob Saget is interested.

4. A particular, yet quite common, type of battery.
TRIPOLI. With kids, you go through them by the case. AA too. One day, I will be Libyarated.

5. What Captain Kirk’s phaser might give you.
AUSTIN. Some of you hail from this stunning city, no? Then how come this one seemed allusive?

6. What you might ask if you wonder whether the Yankee’s HOF catcher of legend and pitcher of malapropisms might be able to.
CANBERRA. Remember, it ain’t over til it’s over. And, no, not at all the same dude as Yogi Bear.

7. If this most remote landmass was to put in an outlet of the largest fast-food franchise, this might be a natural location.
MCMURDO. My attempt to ensure that Antarctica did represent, and the urban pickings were slim indeed: stations pretty much equal cities in this frigid, barely inhabited locale. This is one of the continent’s largest, perhaps a good place for a McGriddle. Or a McSpaceHeater. Supersize it for sure.

8. Two thirds of the common abbreviation for sadomasochism, perhaps.
ESSEN. As in ESSENM. Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!

9. What the Six Million Dollar man actor might say to his mother if she got his name wrong
LIMA. Steve Austin is just the character I played, Ma. No, they didn’t actually PAY me six million dollars, Ma. Yes, I’m a schmuck for losing Farrah, Ma. If you got this one, feel free to enjoy a sense of Majors satisfaction.

10. The kind of rock Yes or ELP is said to play.
PRAGUE. No, friend, “BORING OLD GUY STUFF” is not a city. Although it is, in fact, a synonym for prog rock.

11. What you do to someone when a puzzle question doesn’t track quite right
HANOI. Again, “PISS THEM OFF” –not a city. A state, of mind, perhaps. People seemed to have the most trouble with this one. Pretty hannoying. And, I guess, pretty ironic.

12. What Kelly Bundy might say about her brother.
BUDAPEST. Whatever happened to Bud Bundy? It’s great to see Christina Applegate again, a seriously great actress and brave soul. Note I didn’t say Seoul. I could have, but I didn’t.

13. What you can do if the car isn’t rising fast enough.
JAKARTA. This clue could have gone in quite a different direction. You’re welcome.

‘Night all. It was a pleasure to serve.