Rogue Riddle 1042: Checkin’ Satays Currants Tats and Lass Clues #RogueRiddle

gregg siegel

Standings of all participants are as follows:

Gary H 11
Adam EE 10
Lars H 8
James E 5
Gary R 4
Joseph H 1

Gary and Lars might have one more each but, as a new guy, I need to get some process clarifications; it doesn’t change the order however, nor the fact that no one has yet made a clean sweep.

No one has gotten them all, which some might find annoying. And annoying someone is the last thing I would want to do, or one of the last few things anyway. Also note that McJagger, whose favorite novel is reportedly Sense and Sensibility, has played on all continents but one.

The paragraph above may be gibberishy nonsense or may contain valuable clues. Or both. Or neither. You decide. But, if you decide anything other than that it contains valuable clues, you’d be wrong.

Speaking of wrong, also note that all I have gotten thus far are pungent responses. I was telling someone the other day that some of the best punsters were non-pungents. It is unlikely that this position is incorrect, but it would be helpful to have some additional evidence.  Any takers? Yes, I’m looking at you. And you. Twenty four hours to go. I wanna be pun-indated.