Rogue Riddle #1040 - Don't mesh with Taxes

gary hallock

Rogue Riddle #1040 - Don’t mesh with taxes - Posted Sept 13, 2020 @ 3:30pm central

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As I spent most of energy Saturday celebrating the arrival on earth of our awesome second granddaughter, you may think it odd that I would even have the energy to post a riddle at all. On this weekend I remain somewhat weakened, yet here goes nothing…well, maybe something. 

Two themes appear to be at odds on this riddle set. One has to do with the easily recognized digits of this riddle number and what it implies. The other may give you insight into what weighs most heavily on my mind at the moment. (7lbs 12oz to be precise) If you’re not as into punning on progeny as I, you may still enjoy be able to relate to the alternate theme, as it is not too taxing.

Below you will find 10 fairly simple fill-in-the-blank style riddles, each containing one or more BLANK spaces into which you are expected to insert words. In some cases there are multiple blanks which indicate the number of words required to fill the space. In one case the desired word will be plural. This is indicated by the lower case “s.” 

First player to knock out most or all wins a suitable-for-framing digital photo of my beautiful new grand daughter, Fern Saurus Nemanich Hallock. (Just kidding! Anyone who privately shows even the slightest interest or enthusiasm will be getting more than one photo.) 

Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

The IRS agent told me my case was going "under review." I asked her, “Exactly what do you mean by that?” Unfortunately that's BLANK she would tell me. 

When filling out IRS forms, I accidentally listed too many dependents. This was quite frustrating. Now, in revising my paperwork, I’m pulling out my BLANKs. 

If the annual (Punster of the Year) honoree at the O.Henry Pun-Off pre-show dinner were to travel to Austin by Amtrak, what might you call that person's journey? BLANK BLANK

If Saddam Hussein had really wanted to avoid capture, he should have prepared himself BLANK BLANK.

Pretty sure my baby is dry but I can’t seem to get her to go to sleep. Maybe I’ll sing her that soothing song, “Don’t worry…be BLANK.”

Filling out tax forms is much like diapering a baby. One of the most important things is the BLANK BLANK.

The pregnant couple went to the emergency room long after 12pm for the urgent birth of their baby. The hospital charged them extra for BLANK BLANK.

How might a tax preparer refer to the lower leg areas of Huey, Dewey & Louie’s Uncle? 

When the expectant mother had complications with her delivery, the attending physician called for spinal anesthesia. Unfortunately there were no qualified personnel on duty in the hospital. The doctor was forced to call in a tax specialist from Human Resources to perform an BLANK BLANK instead.

The comical villain from the Austin Powers film series famously created a very small clone of himself. Unknown (and unshown) in the series was an earlier cloned version of Dr. Evil who never reached his full gestation. Dr. Evil jokingly referred to this poor fellow as “BLANK.” 

Submit all guesses, groans, gripes & guffaws directly to <gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder