#Rogue RIddle 1028 - GIve-away clues #rogue

bill crider

Erika Gayle Ettin got seven trees right on her first try, and James Ertner chopped down seven by his second try. Can anyone do better? Or maybe Ericka and Jim can sweep all ten?

Added to the text below are what I consider give-away clues that should enable everyone to finish off these puns.

Even if you have the IQ of Forrest Gump you should be able to get these puns. They are all easy puns on common trees.  If you’re knot inclined to host, play along anyway.
Send your guesses to bill.crider at gmail.com. Don’t reply all!
1. In Georgia, to replace an elected official you remove the old one by im-BLANK-ment. [Clue: This tree is the symbol of Georgia]

2. Gregor McTavish is an irritating Scott who constantly assaults other people in bars. Sooner or later someone is going to BLANK BLANK. [Clue: Riddle #3 contains a major clue to the pun of #2. This small tree is often planted for its lovely red displays. It is part of a large family of small trees and bushes which include both edible and poisonous varieties.]

3. When a lawyer approaches Mac with legal papers, he usually tells them “kiss my BLANK” [Clue: This tree is common in the northern hemisphere, and it's three-letter name makes it sound obscene. It also makes it sound like what all wood turns to when it is burned.]

4. The reason Mac is so irritable is that he constantly BLANKs over lost love.  [Clue: This tree is a common evergreen which is grown as a crop and used as lumber.] 

5. Whenever Mac gets into a tussle, you can be sure everyone will stop what they are doing to BLANK fight. [Clue; This tree is also used for lumber, as well as making furniture and even lining closets because it's wood repels insects.]

6. To his credit, Mac only picks fights with guys who are bigger than himself. He would never BLANK on someone smaller than himself. [Clue: This tree grows a nut which is popular for baking in pies and cookies. It is the state tree of Texas.]

7. Recently people around the country had the Covid virus, but people in New York were BLANK. [Clue:The large planetree is native to eastern and central north America as well as Europe ]

8. Several states never went on lockdown during the pandemic. I guess they never got the BLANK. [Clue; This lovely fragrant Japanese tree shares its name with a drink made from champagne and orange juice.]

9. Enchanted by beautiful pictures of the tropical island, I flew there for my vacation. Sadly, all the trees had been destroyed by a hurricane. What I saw in the photos was the BLANK before the storm.[Clue: What kind of tree grows on tropical islands?]

10. What tree would be the best pet? A BLANK BLANK!  [Clue: You can recognize this tree by its bark! LOL]

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