Rogue Riddle 1026 status


Sunday was very active. There was no shortage of players, with five of six fast responders creating correct solutions to one or more of the Burma-Shave type riddles.

Diana breezed thru the whole bunch in a crossfire of clues and bingos. Diana, however, will pass on hosting the next rogue riddle.

Every one who played either declared beforehand... or afterward - that they were not willing to host.

So, what to do? I am debating either just letting this riddle ride until someone guesses again with the intent of winning and hosting 1027, or putting out 1026.2 myself next week with the stipulation that you if you play you have to be responsible enough to repay.

Stay tuned, I'll clue you in.

Mean while: What do you call the prize when the farmer won a John Deere to scoop up and pile bull droppings?

Gary Reeves