Rogue Riddle #1025 (Bingo and Reveal!)

gary hallock

Hello Punsters,

It is with great pleasure I announce the CORONAtion of Gary Reeves (the Other Gary) as the the rightful HYDROXICHOLORIQWINner of last week’s COVID-themed Rogue Riddle! (Answers below.)

It was great connecting with all of you my first time hosting Rogue Riddle/ I enjoyed the one-on-one banter and hints-sharing with each of the players – I really miss you guys!

A huge thanks to all those who played – Lars Hanson, Aaron Fasel, Gary Hallock, Jim Ertner, Ericka Gayle Ettin, and Gary Reeves. A special mention goes to Bill Crider, who knocked out most of them early on, with no hints. Nice job, Bill!

Our official winner, Gary R., has graciously confirmed that he will be posting this week's RR, so I will let him be responsible for the next wave of our pundemic. 

Hugs, (Bugs?)


PS – Thanks also to my buddy Gary Hallock for ghost-posting my riddle. My inexplicable need for him to ghost-host is actually very explicable: I don’t do much email or join lists, and made an exception this time since, well, y’all are fun! Moving forward, though, if you’d like to connect, I’m much more easily found on Facebook as Diana M. Gruber, or via phone (832-868-9473.) Okay, I think that’s it! ~~~ Ly, ly, ly, Lysol, folks! 



1) - A global organization is making new Coronavirus recommendations. Wanna know which? Owl tell you:

2) - A different government entity recommends sunflower pips as a cure, but I'm skeptical...
- Yeah, I told you they're a bit CDC (SEEDY, SEE)?!

3) - And if you don't wear a face covering, the police will invade your house during a costume party.
- Wow, I'm not sure which is worse: MASK OR RAID (MASQUERADE)....?

4) - Research shows each time you don't wash your hands properly, a score of people will fall ill!
- Yeah, I heard about the 20-SICKENED (SECOND) rule...

5) - They found out this virus is old - it dates back to the earliest Star Wars movies.
- You mean when Leia tried to seduce Solo? Yeah, I heard about this WOO-HAN (WUHAN) stuff.

6) - Last but not least, they're asking people to be aware of dangers beyond COVID. I mean, a sharp-ended tree trunk could fall on your head!
- Oh, that must be why they're trying so hard to FLATTEN the KERF (CURVE)!

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder