Riddle 1021 Answers

Kirk Miller

Lars successfully guessed the answers to all 20 questions, so he will host the next Riddle. Here are the answers:
1.             The disgusting process of having my car's battery charged was ________. (9)   revolting
2.             The orphaned boy looked up to his parish priest, who was a ________. (6, 6) father figure
3.             What does a Star Wars cantina have in common with a keyboard? a ________ (5, 3) space bar
4.             I drive really fast but never have been involved in an accident, so people say that I am ________. (8 / 9) reckless wreckless
5.             My monotonous stroll on the promenade was a ________. (5, 4 / 9)   bored walk / boardwalk
6.             The carnivorous apiarist was a ________. (4, 5 / 3, 6) beef eater / bee feeder
7.             He decided to leave the sightseeing trip; he ________. (2-6 / 8)   de-toured / detoured
8.             What is the term that describes (1) the start of a tennis game and (2) to be incarcerated? ________ (5, 4) serve time
9.             I feel melancholy just thinking about my wrinkled shirt, so I guess that I am ________. (9) depressed
10.         Samson was anxious after Delilah cut off his hair, so obviously he was ________. (3-7 / 10) dis-tressed / distressed
Mountain climbers who go on a quest
And attempt to climb up to the crest
            Of the highest on Earth
            Say there's never a dearth
Of fatigue. They cannot ________.   (7 / 4, 4)   Everest / ever rest
Pizza parlor's top notch. The price it
Likes to charge, though it's high, suffice it
            To say pizza tastes great
            And is always first rate.
That's regardless of ________.   (3, 3, 5, 2)   how you slice it
Dog was injured and should be getting
Some prompt treatment. The owner's sweating
            'Cause he just doesn't know
            The best clinic to go
To, so quickly he does some ________.   (7) vetting
At the grocery store I did see
Eggs in packages that flummoxed me.
            Carton's labeled free range
            Which I think is quite strange
'Cause a dozen are ________.   (6, 3, 4) simply not free
He refinishes countertops. Leonard
Wrote a contract the homeowner tendered.
            He works hard at this trade
            And he knows he'll get paid.
Contract says it's for ________.   (8, 8 / 8, 8)   surfaces rendered / services rendered
Plastic waste's a concern 'cause we scrap
Quite a lot, leaving mounds of the crap.
            So I think you'll agree,
            It is easy to see
Just why cling film gets such a ________.   (3, 4 / 3, 3)   bad wrap / bad rap
Man discovered discomfort surpasses
His pain threshold when shopping with masses
            Of women like his wife
            And sisters, for the strife
Of a trip can be slow ________.  (2, 4, 6 / 2, 8)   as mall lasses / as molasses
The optometrist wants to devise
A new website and since he is wise,
            He decides, just for fun,
            To include a nice pun.
So he calls it a ________.   (4, 3, 4, 4   /   5, 3, 4, 4)     site for sore eyes / sight for sore eyes
After playing some golf, the men's source
Of relaxing is one chefs endorse.
            After playing a round,
            In the clubhouse they're found
Where they dine and enjoy the ________.   (4, 6)   main course
Woman went to a shrink for depression.
She had thought it would take just one session.
            But psychiatry's not
            Very simple. She's taught
That it's really a ________.     (7, 10)   complex profession
Kirk Miller
Don't settle for the world as it is.  Work for the world as it should be.