Punning passed down from generation to generation.

One Sagan

In 1990 or thereabouts I entered the O'Henry Punoff for the 1st time. My 6 year old son accompanied me on stage and was part of the act. Years later he brought his frat brothers with signs and formed my own personal cheering section in another of my competitions, Growing up with me my son also became a punster.
He has children of his own now and yesterday I was with his 7 year old son. We were talking about jalapeños and I asked him if he ever had one that was empty. Naturally, he asked me what I meant and I told him it was a "hollowpeño".
Without missing a beat he asked me if I had ever had a "lulapeño". 
I said, "What's that?"
He replied, laughing his head off, "A Hallelujahpeño." 

Here I am One Sagan