Pun Slingers Saturday

gregg siegel

Hey guys I’m sure you all know that the belated but far from late O’Henry Pun Slingers contest is going digital this year—so you can enjoy world class punmanship in the comfort of your own home without dealing with Porter potties, sitting in the unbearable Texas humid or having to listen to Gary Hallock’s relentless, unceasing, truly merciless attempts at punditry.

Okay, well, honestly, you still have to deal with that last one. But now at least you can mute him.

The festivities are divided into two chunks, with the preliminary rounds starting at 11:00 central and the final rounds starting at 7:00 pm central. That’s today (or tomorrow depending on where you are and when you read this), Saturday November 21. Full details at https://www.punintensive.com

That’s https://www.punintensive.com

Yes, I’ll be there. But don’t worry, there will be good punners there too, going head to head on such facinating topics as, well, I don’t know, it’s a secret. But there will be topics. And they will be facinating.

Also be sure to donate a couple of bucks so that the O’Henry team can continue its life saving mission. I mean, imagine a world where punners don’t have to be stigmatized and hide in the shadows. OK, I can’t imagine that either. But I donated a few bucks anyway. No, it’s not a bribe.

gregg siegel

Seriously, I don't believe I did the O'Henry thing again. O. Henry. O. Henry. O. Henry. That's like Beetlejuice, right?