Can you fix this riddle (RR1095 number 3)

Gary Reeves

Number three is the only part of 1095 that Gary did not bingo. Here it is again with all the hints. Perhaps someone out there can fix it - and solve it since there is no revelation.

3. The issue was with an old operating system ( version ten actually). When contacted the company denied any knowledge of BLANK.

 am going after an IDIOM using the THEME. - SO IT MIGHT HAVE AN ADAM IN IT.  I too am really having computer operating system issues on this rogue, but at least I am on a MacBook instead of my ipad. The ipad uses a version Of  OS ( not version ten)LETS SEE THAT WOULD BE OS-TEN OR OS-? that I am NOT FAMILIAR I guess I just DON'T KNOW IT AT ALL

Hmmm, how would I TEAM up with OS to attempt a pun on an Adam idiom. Hey I like that "Adam idiom" is a pretty good clue, . Perhaps I should refer you to the OXFORD dictionary.

GEE you are still in the DRIVER's seat on this one since so far the response to 1095 has not been as STRONG as I would like.

The elder Gary