Moderated RogueRIddle #1121 Distressed - A Clothes Call Revealed

bill crider

Everyone is now skirting this topic. I think the participation has now ended, so here is the reveal - I will undress the answers. 
Thanks especially to Marilyn and Gary, who got 8 correct each. Jim and One Sagan also made correct guesses. 
No one has claimed hosting responsibilities, so the next Rogue is available to whoever steps up to the plate!
Reveals below!

1.    I had a flat on my car, and had no spare. Desperate to get to my country club appointment, I replaced it with the spare from my golf cart. But when I got to the fancy country club they would not let me into the parking lot because they told me my car was wearing inappropriate BLANK.

Attire (A Tire)

2.    A Jesuit priest on an Indian Reservation was concerned that the young men their had a very lax attitude toward sex, violence and drunkenness. They would often laugh and jest about those activities. The priest would remonstrate them “You shouldn’t BLANK”.

Moccasins (Mock Sins)

3.    The first time I asked a girl to a prom, I told her I was going to wear a tuxedo, and I expected her to dress appropriately. She said “I’m BLANK with that.”

Gown (Down)

4.    What kind of vehicle does an arsonist drive? Obviously, a Chevy BLANK.


5.    Although my twin sisters were ostensibly identical, one went through puberty six months ahead of the other. She developed quite large breasts rather rapidly. The second twin said she didn’t mind so much, but she wished her sister wouldn’t BLANK so much about it.


6.    I always wear my lucky sweater to play poker. One night, I kept losing hand after hand. The dealer kept giving me the same card over and over. Then suddenly I realized I had pulled the wrong sweater out of my closet. “Oh, no!” I said. “I can’t believe I got that unlucky BLANK”

Cardigan (card again)

7.    When the Indian chieftain ruled several villages he had a large cart made to ride upon which was pulled by a pair of ox. But when his grandfather died and he became a maharaja, he inherited a much more elegant giant carriage pulled by BLANK.

apparel (a pair of elephants)

8.    My brother often put on affectations of 1800s and 1900s British nobility. For example, upon greeting his friends, he would often say “BLANK, my good fellow!”

Helmet (well met)

9.    I bought my wife some beautiful silk clothing when I was in India, and she wore it when we went to a party. But one of the women there got angry and accused her of cultural appropriation. All she would say was “I’m BLANK.”


10.                    I really enjoyed tennis, but then I developed tennis elbow, so my doctor said I should try another sport. I took up long distance biking, and just my luck, I developed BLANK.

Bikini (bike knee)