Rogue Riddle 1107 - A New Start - Status and Clues Set 6 - #RogueRiddle

Lars Hanson



   All is quiet still.  Has everyone given up on this set of Rogue Riddles?


Okay, here are some more clues, plus a minor (inconsequential) typographical error has been corrected in #11, and another clue has been provided fir this one.


    The current riddle status remains is as follows:


4 correct – 6:          1, 2, 3, 8, 17, 20

3 correct – 3:          7, 15, 19 

2 correct – 2:          5, 9

1 correct – 5:           4, 12, 13, 16, 18

0 correct – 4:          6, 10, 11, 14, Bonus 1 and Bonus 2

Unattempted – 1: 10, Bonus 2


    One-quarter of the riddles – five riddles – were solved by every player within 14 hours of the Rogue Riddle launch, just six minutes into the New Year.



  • One of the 4.0 busters is number 11.  This one requires very careful reading of the set-up to get correct.
  • In general, it pays to read the set-up carefully.  While the limerick form provides  a key clue to the answer in the form of rhyme, on some there may seem to be several possible answers.  The set-up should indicate which answer is being sought.  

Clue Set 1:  The letter counts for the first five riddles are provided below.


Clue Set 2:  The letter counts for the second five riddles are provided below.


Clue Set 3:  The letter counts for the third five riddles are provided below.


Clue Set 4:  The letter counts for the last five riddles are provided below.


Clue Set 5:  The letter counts for the two bonus sentences are provided below.  Plus clues are presented for the more difficult riddles.


Clue Set 6:  Clues are presented for the more difficult riddles.




Rogue Riddle #1107

A New Start


    This is the first Rogue Riddle of the year, and as such .


    This week’s Rogue Riddle consists of twenty riddles, but in a different mix from past Rogue Riddles.


    Because of the recent resurgence in interest in limericks, and in a nod to the recent riddle format of our founder, Gary Hallock, this week’s Rogue Riddle set consists of fourteen limericks, and will be posted both on PUNY and on the Limericks ‘n’ Haiku list (which I began back in 1998).


    The fifteen answers to these fourteen limericks can be rearranged to form two sentences appropriate to this week’s Rogue’s theme.  These two sentences form bonus riddles. 


    To round out the number of riddles to the usual twenty, five more riddles have been added to the fourteen limericks.  Each of these riddles has punned and unpunned answers, each of which must be provided for full credit.


    The riddle will run until 5:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday.  As usual, the first person to solve all the riddles will be declared the winner.  If no one has solved all the riddles by 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, the one with the most correct answers will be declared the winner and will host Rogue Riddle #1108 next week.


    As with previous riddle sets, the word BLANK can replace more than one word.  In other words, seeing the word BLANK does not indicate how many words should replace the word BLANK.  Further, the article preceding the word “blank” will always be “a,” never “an,” regardless of the punned word.

    There is a theme, which should become obvious as one begins to solve the riddles.
    Now, on to the riddles.




The hoop’s a piece of jewelry gear

An adornment there or here.

While some suppose

It’s best in the nose,

Some others lobe the BLANK.




The scared coven of witches

Was overcome with serious twitches:

They learned the crowd

Had been allowed

To harry them with BLANK.




The creature really was new,

Resembled no other I knew.

A wilder beast

Come from the east --

They tell me its called a BLANK.




Yet another West End day,

At a truly cunning play,

Whose clever capper

Elicited a dapper

And very English, “BLANK!”

(1, 3)

        Surprising that only one player has gotten this one.  As the Englishman might remark upon learning the answer, BLANK.


        5.  BLANK:  A surprising divine or supernatural disclosure reached after a night of noisy carousing.



        6.  BLANK:  To purchase something to give to a particular actress.

              (3, 3, 4 / 9)

              I hear the purchase could involve a split.



The headman’s axe’s not for free –

Its victim pays the BLANK.

Ask not for whom

The empty tomb –

It takes a toll of BLANK. 

(3, 4)



They say that those who sell

Their souls for gain are fell.

Among the worst,

And vilely cursed --

And they shall go to BLANK.



        9.  When faced with a homeless person behaving quite strangely and irrationally, why might trimming his fingernails help settle the person down?  Because it’s a BLANK.

               (5, 4 / 8)


        10.  BLANK:  Something usually carried on the bottle of rich, sweet wine.

                (4, 3 / 7)

                An easy one if one remembers that information can be carried on a bottle.



Expressing the year in one-six,

The number is easy to fix –

A simple relation:

They founded the nation

In 17 BLANK.

(3 / 7-3)

This is the tricky one!  Read it very carefully to get to first base for the punned answer and to get the target.

In particular, read the first line carefully.

        (Everyone has gotten the unpunned answer.)



In schoolyard:  “Are not! And you

Alone won’t force me to!” 

Anyone can see

That he’s with me --

 And thus I reply, “Am BLANK.”


        There are three possible answers here.  The set-up indicates which of the three is correct.


        13.  The two musicians, who played the same instrument, had been competing while playing in their orchestra, to the detriment of the music.  They finally reached an agreement.   Naturally, that quickly became known by the name of yet another instrument – the BLANK.

                (5, 6 / 11)

                Think of another word for agreement, and the answer should become clear.  I am not just stringing everyone along here.



A curious impediment was met

The answer provided was set.

She offered the sod

To lie on a cod – 

He replied he’d rather a BLANK.

(3 / 3)

        There is a pattern of swaps here.  By providing both answers, the swap is identified.



There once was a man who could tell

That all was going just swell

The reason, you see,

Was simple to see

Just look at the ending: it’s “BLANK.”



        16.  BLANK:  The cloak worn by Superman.

               (1-4, or 1, 4 / 6)

               What does Superman wear?  



There once was a rabbit named Poppy

Whose motion was quite hard to copy --

No walking at all,

And never a crawl.

Indeed that bunny was BLANK.




A computer geek to the core,

Gave a doubly good talk on the floor.

His colleagues amazed,

The world he dazed –

He’d managed a base of BLANK


        Another straightforward riddle which should pose no problems.  A key word is in the last line.



At the plate old Casey took a stand

His trusty bat within his hand.

But with bases loaded

Their hopes exploded --

When the inning was done he’d BLANK.




The carpenter’s on the ball,

He knows when arguing a call,

To make a point

Within this joint

One really needs a BLANK.



         Bonus questions:  What two appropriate sentences might be formed from the fifteen answers to the fourteen limericks?


         Bonus Question 1:  (5, 3, 3, 3, 3 / 5, 3, 4, 2, 3)


         Bonus Question 2:  (3, 8, 4, 1, 3, 6, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3 / 4, 6, 3, 1, 4, 3, 7, 7, 4)




    These riddles are fairly easy and should fall rather quickly, so get in early!  


    And it would be great to see more new faces to begin the new year, whether or not you want to host next week’s Rogue Riddle!  Please remember to tell me on your first guesses whether or not you are willing to host.


    The purpose here is to have fun, so go ahead and play! 


    Please remember to ensure all guesses, surmises, suppositions, estimates, conjectures, SWAG’s, stabs, pokes, and other such are sent directly to me at:




    Have fun!