#RogueRiddle 1100 Game Changer #RogueRiddle


Well, it has been 12 hours and zero guesses - I guess you are stumped with this game. So to get you in the game I will provide some give away clues I will call "game changers".

In the rogue below in CAPs are the solutions to parts of some of the riddle. I'm not gaming you.

This rogue is an attempt to copy the styles of two of our most productive  riddle 'riters - Lars with 20 questions and Gary with the limerick fill in. Sorry, I don't have 20 in me and perhaps I don't have a lim either, but here goes 1100.
There are 10 little riddles and one limerick. All have BLANKS  for you to fill with puns to gather bingos. First person to get them all or first with the most by  11:00 PM Wednesday gets to host 1101 ( I can hardly wait 'til 10 more from that. You could be the one!
Every guess gets a clue. Yes, there is a theme. Please send your guesses to: gypsywagon@...
RR 1100:
In golf it is a head to head competiition, or it could be hunters trying to pair hanging two trophy heads.
A term for a bunch of Wranglers getting together for a celebration.  BANK BLANK
A term for worrying about the future of a private research university in Houston. BLANK BLANK( I think it is a spoonerism)
During WW II the army created a news clip consisting of bands from various bases playing military music. That film was called BLANK of BLANK BLANK
Furry rodents in an ilex tree are BLANK BLANK
There is an effort (called BLANK the BLANK) to recompile all the Babe's baseball accomplishments and stastics.
Edison moved to Ft Myers FL to raise exotic plants for experiments as filaments. Few know that he also raised large cats there too. Actually he had one special pet named after a unit of electrical power. Tom would introduce this beast fo visitors by saying "this is BLANK BLANK BLANK"
Ty Cobb was known to "spike" any fielder attempting to get between him and the next base. This was known as BLANK the BLANK - spoonerism here.
This folksy singer was in such demand during the Christmas season that he would often over use his vocal chords resulting in a sore throat which he doctored by sucking on a lozenge. Yes, BLANK got a BLANK.
Watching British television is so brutish for me that unless I lounge with my legs up I  become exhausted. My favorite daytime furniture was the BLANK
now for my attempt at a lim. 
To hunt down this rogue you just get,
the best of the clues from each set.
  Every good hunter knows,
  just wait 'till the GAME BLANK
the theme of the rogue. Have it yet?
please send your guesses to Gary Reeves