#RogueRiddle 1092 update #3 #RogueRiddle

James Ertner

Leerless Feeder has now jumped in, so we have a quartet.

Gary H has five correct and two-thirds of another.
Lars now has four correct, one half-correct, one one-third correct, and another one three-fifths correct.  

Adam has three correct, one half-correct, and another one one-third correct.
Doug has two correct.

Toting up the fractional answers, Gary H has 5.67 correct, Lars has 5.43, Adam has 3.83, and Doug has an even 2.

Leerless Feeder Gary said to prepare yourselves for more “animal crossings.” He also suggested I could include some animal limericks. Thus, let’s begin with five animal limericks, followed by five “animal crossings.” Just fill in the proverbial “blanks!”



All the guests at the animal fair

Had to dress up before they went there.

My friend Billy Brian

Dressed up like a lion,

But I went in the nude, as a BLANK.



The ant basketball team made a vow

To get better but didn’t know how.

It just wasn’t right

To be lacking in height.

They needed BLANK—and now.



There was a kind curate of Kew

Who kept a large cat in a pew.

There he taught it each week

A new letter of Greek,

But it never got further than BLANK.



The sheep farmer was proud of his wool,

But the cattle farmer’s barn was full

Of his prized cows

(Not so much his sows).

For he preferred to BLANK (three words).



Extra credit for this one!


The bird office went BLANK (two words) mad,

While the wise-BLANK duck became sad.

Some profits they could not BLANK;

How to BLANK they kept trying to learn.

And the hen’s practical BLANK were really bad.


And now some animal crossings:



What do you get when you cross a detective with a crocodilian?

A BLANK (two words)



What do you get when you cross an armadillo with a chicken?




What do you get when you cross a donkey with an earthquake?




What do you get when you cross a bee with a doorbell?




What do you get when you cross a robin’s leg, a haddock, and a hand?

BLANK (three words, the first one is hyphenated)


Be sure to send your answers directly to me (jde31459@...) as opposed to the whole group. Whoever has answered the most of them correctly by week’s end will be declared the winner.


Have fun!