moderated It's A Bouillon Market: my brother's kipper

James Ertner

What did Cain say when Abel asked him to make soup from his herring?

“Am I my kipper’s broth-er?”


Jim Ertner

A herring and a whale were fine fanatic (and finatic) friends, and they even traveled in the same school. On a rare occasion, another fish noticed the herring swimming alone and asked where his compatriot was. “How should I know?” replied the herring. “Am I my blubber’s kipper?”

Jim Ertner
Speaking of soup lines, I was cooking up a large pot of soup and someone suggested I toss in a few ladle tiny fish. I rudely replied, “Am I my brother’s kipper?” 

I was so hungry as a tureen-ager that when mom made soup I would often steal some from my siblings. I would eat mine and my brother’s stew. 

Gary Hallock
If you had invested in dehydrated beef broth cubes back when they first went commercial, today
you'd be a bouillonaire!

I bought some beef stock along with a little bouillon to start my Broth IRA 

Doug Spector