ROGUE RIDDLE #1036 -- When Riddles "Meant" Something --


A little change of puns today, sorry...but hopefully just as challenging & fun! (Writing the instructions was tougher than the riddles!)

Below, you'll see 18 descriptions/clues to what I'll call "compound words" (even though not truly compound but close enough). Each compound word will contain one of these 3 prefixes or suffixes ("ment","mint" or "mant") except #18 where "ment", "mint" or "mant" is actually in the middle of the word.
The 18 descriptions show 2 clues, the 1st being the meaning of just the part of the word by itself without the prefix or suffix...the 2nd clue is the meaning of the entire compound word when the prefix or suffix is added.

ex.#1) small fruit/fantastic notion = (fig-ment)  figment
ex.#2) private room/English legislature = (parlor) parliament
ex.#3) infused leaf liquid extract /cooling sensation flavor = (tea-mint) minty

Your job...try to guess as many of the 18 compound words based on the 2 clues and knowing that each & every compound word contains either "mint,ment or mant" either at the beginning or end of the entire word (except #18).       send guesses and worksheet to:  doug10101@... 

1 simple/access

2 vision/stonelike

3 needle fish/outfit

4 1st,2nd,3rd,home/bunker

5 over eater/skin colorer

6 sharp weapon/sharp flavor

7 beer/sickness

8 vessel/cargo

9 electrical power unit/undesirable animal

10 gift or delicacy/cure

11 separated/flat

12 portal/inactive or asleep

13 ripped/suffer

14 Tx, Ca or Fl/proclamation

15 Gore,Green,Einstein/mind related

16 tonal scale note/grief

17 imply/teacher

18 not good (prefix)/not off(suffix)/ racquet game (entire word)

send guesses to:  doug10101@...

Doug Spector