moderated #ROGUE RIDDLE 1015 (Tuesday update) #rogue

gary hallock

As I have set no specific deadline for this game, the field is still wide open. We have about 6 players out in this field, but none of our Catchers are yet in the Rye. 
I don’t think I will have time today to post public clues, but anyone who submits private guesses, receives personal responses and a wealth of private hints. 
My top contender at the moment has only driven home 6 correct titles, so it’s still anyone’s game. Anyone game? 



ROGUE RIDDLE #1015 - Launched March 15, 2020 @ noon central

Send all guesses, grumps, gripes and groans directly to <gary@...>


Below you will find a list of 12 burning questions on the cross topic theme of DISEASES & LITERATURE. The required answers on each of these will be puns based on well-known fiction titles. In some cases there are multiple authors referenced, so watch out for red herrings. Also, I believe at least one of these target titles is not an actual book title, but a series or collection, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to work around. 

In order to qualify for the kill, please submit both your punned title and the original (target) title. Also, please send me a complete cumulative worksheet with each subsequent submission as it will make my task of tallying far easier. 

First player to nail all twelve (or most) wins the honor of hosting next week’s game. 

Send all guesses, grumps, gripes and groans directly to <gary@...>

0. (Simple sample) 
Imbibing an excessive amount of Mexican alcohol could be the reason the avian flew.

I kid you not! This cautionary tale seems to celebrate the supremacy of the new strain of Coronavirus, giving the COVID-19 strain the prestigious title, “BLANK.”

This title of this fantasy series seems to Lewis-ly suggest that lions & witches in this imaginary land are sequelly vulnerable to repeated re-infections.

Being in a “high risk” demographic, it’s not surprising that this superannuated fisherman would fall victim to a severe medical ailment. 

Another well known fisherman apparently suffered from chronic erectile dysfunction, as he was clearly plagued by a “BLANK.”

If you think COVID-19 is difficult to escape, just wait a few years until the next numbered flu variant arrives. You won’t be able to avoid it. Come Heller high water, we’re all going to “BLANK.” 

This itchy skin condition can easily be contracted by spending too long in the steam room. The book about it is called, “BLANK.”

The title of this novel should scare the Dickens out of everyone, as it conjures up the image of congested citizens coughing up gobs of phlegm and spitting it into public sewer drains.

A corporation has been set up to facilitate the clyster colon cleansing business. In the industry a company such as this is euphemistically known as an “BLANK.”

If Portnoy had been complaining about the author’s medical condition, perhaps this Steinbeck title might have been more appropriate for his book. 

Set in the not-too-distant future, this sci-fi tale speculates that COVID-19 virus has mutated to become far more deadly and has now even spread to other worlds. The title seems to offer a warning to would-be visitors to the red planet. The “BLANK”

You’ve probably all heard of Finnegan’s Wake, but what ailment was it that that actually did him in? In the title of his famous earlier book, a different author seems to suggest that it may have been chronic coffin that put Finnegan in the ground, as he appeared to predict it with this reMark, “That ‘BLANK’”

Amid all the absurd rumors and jokes, there’s a certain brand of beer that has suffered greatly lately. One overstocked bartender started suggesting to patrons that they might enjoy a cold one at a deep discount. Russian to judgement, one confused customer turned him down thus, “...any BLANK?’ Nah.” 

Send all guesses, grumps, gripes and groans directly to <gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder