Doug is in the Doug out for the first 1000 Rogue Riddles


I spectorlate that if any PUNY rogue producer had a walk up song it would be Doug, and it would be from the wall of sound.

Finding Doug's rogues was not easy since he uses different handles such as "Broker at Apartment Living Locators", "Douglasses", and even Doug. but I doug in and found 41 riddles that Doug had produced since he started playing in the mid 500s. That is just under 10 percent of the activity. I can dig that.

Cyn's riddles were easy to find and Doug is at the other end of the spectrum, and I suspect there are several I could jest knot find.

I have not used Doug's last name out of respect for his hidden handles ( not nearly as well hidden as Nivi Engineer though). If someone wants to out Doug the results could be spectoracaller and I bet he would not raise a spectacle.

the other Gary