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Punsters United Nearly Yearly (P.U.N.Y.)
Punsters United Nearly Yearly (P.U.N.Y.) is a small, unofficial group, formed in 1990 to assist the O. Henry Home and Museum in Austin, TX. Specifically, we help coordinate and present the museum's largest fundraiser each year, the annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. The O. Henry Home and Museum is actually inside the house in which the famous short story author William Sydney Porter (a.k.a. O. Henry) lived while in Austin. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Pun-Off helps to provide operating and renovation funds for the museum. In the process, we provide free entertainment for over 1,000 spectators each year, collecting funds through raffles, book sales, and audience donations during the event. The Pun-Off is also an event that allows the most twisted minds in the country, P.U.N.Y. members and otherwise, a chance to show just how far the English language can be bent without breaking. Discussions shall include and mostly be limited to P.U.N.Y. status announcements, pun challenges and discussions, and basically anything pun-related. Non-pun discussions and discussions about the annual O. Henry World Championships should be taken to the Miss Elainey subgroup ( ). NOTE: Some messages may contain mildly mature subject matter. Parental discretion is advised. Please keep things at least at a PG level if you join, at this *link* ( ).
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  • Limericks-n-Haiku
    The Limericks 'n' Haiku group is for the many people interested in and amused by limericks, haiku, or tanka.  The purpose of this group is the development, promotion, and exchange of limericks and haiku.  Such poems may be original or already published.  Adult limericks should be so marked.  And, of course, punning not only is accepted, but is encouraged! The group was created on 08 April 1999 after a spate of limericks appeared on the PUNY (Punsters United Nearly Yearly) group, which indicated an interest in limericks.  However, since limericks were not really part of the PUNY group aims, the groups was created as a separate entity. We look forward to having you here!
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  • PUNY Miss Elainey
    This subgroup is an offshoot of the PUNY (Punsters United Nearly Yearly) main group. It's an amalgamation of the old Pun-Amok and Punoff Yahoo groups, designed specifically for non-PUNY/punny discussion. Chatter about things related to language, grammar and a variety of historical and cultural discussions that often crop up as a result of punning threads are welcome here, as are discussions about the annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships and its ancillary events. Discussions here should be rated PG, unless the topic line is specifically marked with an #Adulterated hashtag, and even then only if the subject material is academic in nature.
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