Re: Not a pun but fun

Bertrand Piboin

One of my own creations: ROF—Retired Old Fart

Bert Piboin

[puny] Not a pun but fun

ATD - At the Doctor's
BFF - Best Friends Funeral
BTW - Bring the Wheelchair
FWIW - Forgot Where I Was
FWDII - Forgot What Day It Is
LMTT - Lost My Train of Thought
OFD - Old Fuddy Duddy

OMG - Ordered My Gravestone

WDICUF - What Did I Come Upstairs For?
WIWYA = When I Was Your Age

WMFT - Where's My False Teeth?
WMG = Where's My Glasses?

WTF - When's The Funeral?

Here I am One Sagan
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