Re: Anyone ready for some pun fun?

One Sagan

While writing out a speeding ticket the cop began to weep. "Why are you crying?" I asked him.
He responded, "It's a moving violation."

Here I am One Sagan

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 10:46:04 AM CDT, gregg siegel <gregg17@...> wrote:

More ER? ET?

On 11/2/22 11:21 AM, gary hallock via wrote:
> It occurs to me that there hasn’t been a single punny post on this group for quite a while. Are you all waiting for me to start something? Okay, challenge accepted.
> =============
> My wife has recently become enamored of her two little potted lemon trees and their profuse production of fall fruits. She actually goes outside several times a day just to admire them.
> GARY: Honey, There’s a cool movie on TV right now. What are you watching out there?
> CHRIS: A lemon tree, my dear. What’s on?
> [The preceding transcript was strictly a fantasy projection of the conversation I wish we could have had. We don’t exactly have a “no pun” marriage, but I’m Sherlocky she puts up with me at all.]

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