Re: Gary Hallock update

Lars Hanson

    Islay!  Drinking enough of that scotch can lead to a complete maltdown!  For peat’s sake, watch those smoky drinks!

    Of course, relaxing among the glen’s carin’ glasses is by a bad way to go.

    Just remember to allow for the angel’s share of fun!




On Jun 25, 2022, at 16:31, James Ertner <jde31459@...> wrote:

What do you get when you mix baptismal water and vodka? Holy Spirit.


On June 25, 2022, at 10:31 AM, Adam Engel <adotengel@...> wrote:

Good spirits, eh? Hope he's drinking the single malt scotch.

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On Jun 25, 2022, 7:30 AM -0700, bill crider <bill.crider@...>, wrote:
After almost a month in the hospital, Gary went home Tuesday. He had his first round of chemo on Thursday.
I spent several hours with him Friday. He’s doing better but still not well at all. He’s in good spirits. We chatted about lots of things including the pun off. He even got out of bed and (with a walker) went and sat outside for a little while.
He welcomes your funny and punny emails! He can see your posts here but typing is incredibly difficult for him right now so don’t expect replies. Just know he sees and enjoys them.

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