#rogueriddle 1114 - Revised w/o answer sheet! #RogueRiddle

gary hallock

ROGUE RIDDLE #1114 - Launched Monday, February 21, 2022 @10pm central

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As PUTIN seem to be puttin’ us all on the verge of some “No Yuk Times,” I thought I’d attempt to cheer everyone up a bit with a different twist. There is a certain word game which seems to have captured the attention of nearly everyone lately. Never one to ignore a popular trend, I’m hitching this ROGUE to that bandwagon and presenting a slightly derivative set this week. Unprecedented? Not exactly.

Below you will find a listing of 9 (count ‘em, nine) brief riddle set-ups, each containing a single BLANK for you to fill. Because the word “ROGUE” and the word “BLANK” both contain 5 letters, so will each correct answer to this week’s set. (See what I did there?)

There’s a method to this madness, as we ARE observing a certain holiday today. It is significant that there are actually only nine names in this closed set, so that should pretty well spell it out for you.

Be the first to identify these 9 target words and then deploy each to complete my 9 sentences. And then…if you’re bold enough, submit a worksheet to let me know that you’ve identified the pattern and somewhat appreciated my game. Heaven forbid anyone playing might want to take over the hosting position next week, but in case you are up for it, I’ll happily hand over the reigns for RR #1115.

Submit all guesses, gasps, groans and gripes directly to <Gary@...>

Basketball fans in New York really seem to enjoy watching the BLANK the court.

If you have money to burn, instead of just donating it to a charity, maybe you could set fire to a fifty dollar bill and offer them a matching BLANK.

Energetic kittens, ponies and bunnies all like BLANK around and play.

Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are both made possible by splitting BLANK.

Politicians in general tend to be far more ambitious than normal folks. Now and then a president will get in over his head and become one of our nation’s flounders. It may be said of such a leader that he is BLANK off more than he can chew.

The late legendary artist occasionally known as Prince, recorded a musical tribute to one of his guitar heroes, the later Jimmy Hendrix. On this album he performed a medley of Purple Rain and Purple BLANK.

I wanted to renovate my outdated bathroom with a new ceramic tub surround. I considered doing it myself, but eventually contacted a professional BLANK to do the job.

An anonymous phone caller contacted Oprah Winfrey suggesting that an explosive device may have been planted in the offices of her magazine. Fortunately it was determined to be a hoax. There was no BLANK.

One of our damned presidents sucked so bad that they considered naming a large public works project after him. There was a lot of speculation and even wagering about whether or not this project would actually happen. Wagers were made on both sides. Some opponents of attaching the president’s name to the large concrete structure were suggesting we could probably do BLANK site bettor.

Submit all guesses, gasps, groans and gripes directly to <Gary@...>

Gary (Immodest Moderator) Hallock, Leerless Feeder

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