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bill crider

Yes, it is like a maelstrom of malapropisms. I have a miasma of memes moiling in my memory, a mephitis that portends to muffle me.  

On Fri, Feb 11, 2022 at 7:52 AM joseph h via <> wrote:
So you are suffering from panagrams and forkerisms?

Joseph Harris

Re: [puny] Is it a pun?
One Sagan via
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11 Feb at 09:15
On the other hand there are five fingers.

Here I am One Sagan

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, 09:28:06 PM CST, bill crider <bill.crider@...> wrote:

In the Limericks-n-Haiku thread I have somewhat exposed myself recently. No, I didn't flash open my raincoat. I opened the curtains a bit on something that goes on in my brain.
I think most of us in this group have a shared mental disorder (or at least that's what my wife contends.) When we hear words, our brains automatically pun on them. I know that goes on constantly in my head, along with a number of other things.
One of the threads is politically incorrect or socially incorrect comments that sometimes escape my lips and get me in trouble, or at least get me weird looks (not that I didn't already have weird looks).
But another thread is more of a spoonerism/word jumble/pun thread.
A mild one I shared was parapatetic/pair of pathetics. OK, that's kind of a straightforward pun.
But in the same limerick thread about sleep walking, Gary H used the word somnambulate. I immediately was forced by my aberrant brain to write a limerick that ended with 'it's because of some lamb you ate'.
Then Kirk wrote a limerick about hair follicles, so I just HAD to write a limerick that ended with the phrase "fair Hallock rules."
Things like this aren't really spoonerisms. They are more like word jumbles. But they are also sort of puns. Or do they have a name?
This goes on in my head - All. The. Time. Is there a name for this paronomasia dysphoria?
Sometimes I wonder if I will involuntarily start to talk exclusively in a form of gibberish consisting of extremely obscure puns that not even Pun-Off contestants will comprehend - like a weird form of Tourette's syndrome where I talk in punned word-jumbled spoonerisms instead of profanity. (I am not mocking Tourette's. I have close relatives with Tourette's and it is a serious illness.)
And then the burning question: Am I the only one? Or does this happen to other people too?
But then when I actually let some of these oddities escape, as in limericks this week or in conversations with fellow punners, I feel a great euphoria (Here, have a purple sheep! Its a grape ewe for ya!) It must be what it's like for an artist when they finally express their art. But I'm usually shy to share it, because most people just don't get it. But there. I said it.

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